Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Wow! I can’t believe I only have two weeks left here in Ukraine. Some of my friends are just about to start their mission in Ukraine, and we will finish up at the same time, August 10th. Please pray for the Alexis Baptist Church mission team who will travel tomorrow to Ukraine for their work in Truskavets.
It is hard to believe the week of camp is already halfway over! There were more kids today than yesterday—we thought we may not have enough flip-flops for their craft—but we did! I think today’s blog will be mainly photos that I’ve gotten today, because they are more interesting than reading my words!
I will say that today was a special day—it is Vasya’s father, Ivan’s, birthday today, so we had a dinner with several guests outside. We also celebrated the birthdays of Zhenna, Olya, and Joma, who had birthdays earlier this week. The girls received chocolates and flowers, Ivan received chocolate (and a pair of flip-flops from the Canadian team!) and Joma received a remote-controlled car. He was so happy about it but the batteries we found were not strong enough! So he will get some batteries for it tomorrow.
Another highlight of the night was going upstairs to see the kids’ rooms—they are so nice and the kids were so welcoming of us! OK, time for pictures:
Group singing

Intense footprint decorating

All the footprints making a path

I knew I couldn't come to Ukraine and escape close though!!

Vasya's handiwork

Group wrap-up

Giving instructions for the rock, paper, scissors game

Yana, Vasya's daughter, on the left

Poor Vasya (not the same one with a daughter-ha!) wrecked his bike and got a concussion the other day...has to stay inside and be calm for awhile

Sweeping the water into a drain

Presenting Ivan with flip-flops on his birthday

Joma :)

Joma playing with his new toy

Fish face!

Ukrainian sunset

Girls' room--so cute! I love the Disney curtains!

Boys' room

Another girls' room

Kenny was so excited to be able to hold her finally!

Joseph showing us his well-read Bible...he's such a good kid.

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