Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monday, 7-18-11

            Today the whole team traveled to L’viv for shopping at Metro (comparable to Costco or Sam’s Club in the states), the market for souvenirs, and a mall in the city. We also picked up a new team member, Jim Clark, and visited an intermediate children’s orphanage there in the city.
            We bought snacks for the children at the orphanage, and when we handed them out the kids were so gracious—just a juice box and a banana. They were all so sweet and beautiful—it broke my heart knowing that many of these kids could end up in the older kids’ orphanage that we will visit later this week. There was one girl, Diana, who was the “mommy” of the kids; she was fascinated by my camera and I had to watch her closely and make sure she didn’t grab it to play with it…I let her take a few pictures with it around my neck, and she just clicked continuously, just fascinated by the fact that she could capture an image instantly. One boy, Demetric, had the most beautiful blue eyes, long eyelashes, and blond hair. He looked like an angel, but he was sick and had a very sad look in his eyes. I could have taken him home with me right there. It was heartbreaking to leave—we spent an hour and a half with those kids—what did that do? I just pray that that one little glimpse showed them what God’s love can be like and that they will be led to Him someday soon.

Above--Demetric and Diana

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