Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What is your name!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
            Today was much like Monday, as far as the setup of the camp. Today the “secret ingredient” of the camp was “give happily to God,” so the activities were centered on giving to others. In crafts, the kids made gift boxes that they could use to give to someone, or to keep things in that they would like to share with others. I was so impressed by some of their creative designs! In games, we played a collaborative game where the goal was to “share” water with each other—pour it into the next person’s cup and keep working together to get the water to the front of the line and poured into a bottle. In discovery, the kids made trail mix to share with a friend or family member—some had a little difficulty grasping the idea of giving it to someone else! I did see several who shared theirs with others, though. It was another rainy day—thank goodness for the shelter made yesterday! It was raining even harder than yesterday, so it’s good that we have plenty of space under it to fit everyone comfortably. The kids are awesome—they are all so loving and sweet—most of the time! Some are trying to teach me Ukrainian words; it’s working a little. Very little…We played a group game near the end of camp—each age group divided up on either side of a plastic tablecloth and squatted down. Then each side selects a representative to sit just behind the tablecloth…when the cloth is dropped, you have to be the first to shout out the name of the person on the other side. It was quite hilarious and one of the funniest moments was when the curtain was dropped and a little boy, in a moment of panic, screams out—Як тебе звати!! (Yak tebe zvaty=What is your name!!) So funny…
 I was so glad tonight that I was able to turn my brain off long enough to take a nap before dinner—almost missed dinner because of it, but it was worth it. Tonight before the kids went to bed I came and watched TV with them—it was a show about a bear and a little girl—a little amusing. Even though she spoke in Russian, there was not much dialogue anyway and there was no translation needed, really. Interesting…
My sweet group!

Careful pouring that water...

I thought it was safe to jump on...then five more kids piled on! Good news--it still didn't break!

Trail mix--yum!


Anette playing around with Andriy

Finishing touches on their bedazzled boxes

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